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Programs of study

Lesson Study Plans

For Beginners, Ages 6-8:  30-Minute Lesson/60-Minute Weekly Group Class

Get your little musician off to a fantastic start in piano study!  In this program, beginners receive a 30-minute private lesson and a 60-minute group class each week.  Students will learn complete musicianship from the first lesson in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

For Beginners, Ages 6-10:  30-Minute Lesson/60-Minute Monthly Group Class

For those beginners that are unable to attend twice a week or those that are older beginners.  Group classes focus on building performance skills developing critical listening skills, and reinforcing concepts learned in lessons.

For Intermediate, Ages 8 & Up:  45-Minute Lesson/60-Minute Monthly Group Class

Perfect for beginners and transfer students, this program features a 45-minute weekly private lesson and a monthly 60-minute repertoire class.  Group classes focus on building performance skills, reinforcing theory concepts, learning about the history of music, and exploring creativity through composition and improvisation.

For Teens and Adults, Ages 13 & Up:  60-Minute Lessons/60-Minute Monthly Group Class

Whether your goal is to study traditional Classical repertoire or learn how to play your favorite pop standards, you'll enjoy the balance of private instruction vs. group interaction that this program offers.  Along with an hour lesson once a week, students will gather monthly to play for each other and enjoy working with their peers to develop a musical community. 

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Studio Policies

Additional Information

Tuition and Fees
Tuition is due by the first lesson of every month.  There is a yearly materials fee of $42 to cover the cost of paper, music, and materials used in group and private lessons.  This is due in July for the upcoming school year.

Payment may be made by cash, check or online through Paypal or Venmo. 

Registration is for the entire 10 month school year, August through June, which is divided into 2 semesters.  If a student must withdraw before the end of the school year, a four-week notice is required and tuition will be assessed through the notice period.  No withdrawal is accepted after May 1. If there is a need to withdraw after May 1 the full month tuition for June is due.

Exit Procedure
Under certain conditions, a student may be asked to discontinue music study at Studio A. These conditions include, but are not limited to:

               non-payment or recurrent lateness in payment of tuition
               excessive absenteeism or tardiness
               non-participation in group classes
               excessive and recurrent non-preparation of assignments or inconsistent practice

Missed Lessons
Attendance at every lesson is extremely important.  Group lessons missed by students cannot be made up under any circumstances.  For private lessons, lessons will be made up at a mutually convenient time.  There are no refunds or credits for lessons not taken during the term.  However, students are allowed one rescheduled private lesson per semester. A twenty-four hour notice is required for any cause except illness.  If a student cannot attend a scheduled make-up lesson, it cannot be rescheduled.  Sometimes the teacher will need to reschedule or miss lessons.  Any lessons missed on behalf of the faculty will be rescheduled.

Practice Expectations
The success of all educational pursuits is in large part determined by consistency.  This is especially true for music students.  For them, the consistency required for adequate progress must be the result of a collaborative effort between parents and teachers.  It is the teacher’s job to fill the lesson with activities that set students up for success.  It is the parents’ job to develop an environment that allows a daily reinforcement of what occurs during the lesson.

When we say “daily practice,” we know that there are days when it is not possible to work in a practice session.  However, there are two guidelines we want you to keep in mind when scheduling your child’s practice week:

               No week goes by without a minimum of five days of practice.
               Even under extreme circumstance, never allow two days in a row of missed practice.

Missing two days of practice is like taking one step forward and two steps backward. The best results come from cumulative, daily practice; what we do in the lesson can never make up for lack of practice.

No lessons are taught:  Thanksgiving, Winter Break (Christmas/New Years), Spring Break, Memorial Day.  Summer lessons in June may be adjusted.

Summer Study

Lessons will be offered in July as an intensive program of 2 lessons per week for a two week period.  This will afford us the opportunity to work on special projects and make significant progress in a short time due to summer vacation schedules.

Students are expected to participate in the two recitals which occur in December and May.  Other playing opportunities may be offered, but not required, throughout the year including festivals under the auspices of the Austin District Music Teachers Association.  To give back to the Austin community, students at Studio A will participate in performances that demonstrate a sense of civic duty and an opportunity to share music with others in non-traditional spaces and venues.